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Nit-picky About Earbuds

Comply Tips

After having them for 4 years, I finally messed up my earbuds.  Well not really, but I did tear the earbud tip.  These Sony earbuds have endured a lot.  I knew something was wrong when I put them in and the music sounded drastically different.  By different I mean really bad.  That’s when I discovered that the tip was damaged.

I think if you spend less than $15 on a pair of headphones, you probably lose them a lot.  I know several people that are prone to this. Those cheap headphones probably come with foam earbud tips or don’t have any at all.  If you don’t lose them, you should really invest in a decent pair.  The ones that come with cell phones are garbage.  I guess some people don’t care about sound quality though.  I can’t really understand this to be honest.  One of my biggest annoyances is the people that have headphones that everyone else can hear.  I don’t really want to listen to your shitty music, keep it to yourself.

In typical Allan fashion, I started to look for new headphones.  I was reminded of the plethora of options that are available.  Honestly, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I did some research and came across these Comply T-400 earbud tips.  Instead of taking the plunge on another pair of earbuds, I opted for these.  Three pair for $10, how could I go wrong?  Plus the Radio Shack next to my office had them in stock.

The biggest praise that I read was comfort.  They’re made of memory foam so they are actually pretty comfortable.  After about a half hour or so, my silicone tips got slightly uncomfortable.  I’ve worn these for over an hour without any discomfort.  I would have to say that sound quality has somewhat improved.  It does a good job of noise canceling because I didn’t hear anything my coworker was saying to me.  I just happened to see her looking at me in my peripheral.

These tips not only do a good job but they’ve saved me about $50.  I was ready to buy a new pair of earbuds but that urge has waned, a little.  We’ll see how long these last since there is an issue of wear and tear.  Then I might just have to try these Xiaomi earbuds.  A lot of good reviews and they only run a little over $20.  If you’re interested in Comply tips, you have to check their fitment guide to see which ones will work for your earbuds.  Don’t rely on the package like I did.  I ended up having to go back to Radio Shack to get the right ones.

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