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Tuft & Needle Ten Mattress

Tuft & Needle

This is going to sound a tad lame, but I’m anxious to get my new mattress. Yesterday, I ordered a new mattress from Tuft & Needle after reading all the glowing reviews on Amazon. I think I first heard about Tuft & Needle on Reddit but I’m not positive. I was intrigued by their story.  Basically, the founders were put off by the mattress shopping experience and set out to solve this problem. They ended up designing and manufacturing their own.

I had a nice firm mattress but my wife wanted to get the Heavenly Bed by Westin because our friends raved about theirs. I’m not sure why I agreed because it was way too soft for me. Since then, we’ve probably had 3 other mattresses.  They’re fine initially but over time they lose their firmness and it just doesn’t feel as nice.

One common thing is they’ve all developed the infamous hump. I always thought this was due to the bed frame and slats, but I’ve recently read that it’s just from sleeping on the two sides. Turning your mattress wouldn’t really help since you’re never really sleeping in the middle. Actually, my wife used to sleep on most of the bed while I ended up as close as you could to the edge without falling off.

After researching, I found out that Amazon only sells the Five which is the 5” model. This year, T&N introduced their new flagship 10” model, appropriately named the Ten. That’s what I ended up ordering, not just because it might feel better but we can use our existing bedding. Getting new sheets for a 5” mattress would be slightly annoying.  The Ten is available directly through the T&N website.  The checkout process is pretty simple.

When you check out, you are presented with two options for delivery date. You can either schedule an available day or select soonest possible day. I chose the latter and it looks like my expected delivery date is Nov 11th. Amazon Prime and Zappos VIP have ruined online shipping speeds for me. Anything more than two-day shipping feels like a long time.

I hope I’m not getting too excited and setting my expectations too high. I tend to be disappointed when something is so hyped. We’ll see in about two weeks.  I’ll definitely follow up with a review after I’ve slept on it.  If it works out, I’ll probably buy two Fives for the kids.

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