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Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 5S Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 5S case

The Linear Metal case is a pretty sweet case but it’s not so practical when you have kids.  It’s aesthetically pleasing but I’m not entirely sure it’d survive a drop from a couple feet up.  The phone would be ok, but I think the plastic frame would break.

I did some further research and ended up finding the Neo Hybrid iPhone 5S case.  It’s made up of two parts.  A rubber cover goes around the whole phone and a frame that resembles a bumper snaps in to the rubber part.  When put together it looks like one piece and fits really snug.  The volume and lock buttons are solid and give great feedback.

I think the best feature, like the Linear Metal case, is that it doesn’t cover any of the glass so that a screen protector isn’t affected.  I hate when cases make the protector bubble.

I also got it in Space Grey for my black iPhone 5S.

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