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Lexus remote battery died on me

Saturday morning, I was walking in the store to get a coffee when I tried to lock my door. No beep, no flash. Crap. “Not only will I not be able to lock the door, I won’t be able to start the car!”

If your key looks like this one, this is what you have to do:

  1. Step on the brake pedal like you would normally do to start the car.
  2. Hold the key remote up to the push button ignition.  The light on the start button will turn from orange to green.
  3. Then press the ignition button.
  4. Get home or go to the store and replace that battery immediately!

If you don’t have any extra batteries at home, I would order some just in case.  If you have a Lexus, you can get a bunch on Amazon here for cheap.

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