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iPhone 6 or 6+?

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iPhone Comparison

If you’re interested in getting an iPhone 6 or 6+ you should check out this size comparison by PhoneArena.  It’ll show you side by side comparisons of other phones.  You have to calibrate your screen first, otherwise nothing seems out of the ordinary.  Once I did, I was pretty surprised to see how big the 6+ really is.  The 6+ is about 80% of my 13″ MacBook Pro’s screen height.  I don’t think I want to put that in my pants pocket.

iPhone 6 vs 6+

I’m already on board with the 6.  I’ve ordered some Tech Armor screen protectors.  Order it now and enter in the code “WORMBIRD” at checkout to get it for $4.99.  I’ve been using these on my phone, my wife’s, and my parents with great results.  They never bubble like the ones my friends have.

Now I have to find a case.  That’s always something I hate because I research the hell out of cases.  You can see how picky I am in my Spigen post.  That’s been a great case but the bumper/frame is kind of beat up now.  Good timing I suppose.

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