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My Essential WordPress Plugins

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WordPress Plugins

Every time I set up a new WordPress website, the first thing I do after I find a suitable theme is to install plugins.  There are  plugins that I use on every site.  This post is to inform you all and myself.

  • WordPress SEO – There’s debate about which is the better SEO plugin between this one and  All-In-One SEO but I’ve switched.  It integrates your social media, sitemaps, and post meta data. AIOS is probably more user-friendly for beginners though.
  • Disqus – This comment system integrates with WP very easily.  It lets your readers comment using their other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Jetpack – It should come installed with WordPress by default but you need to set it up.  You can use it to push posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+.  It also enables share buttons for users share to those sites as well.  There are a lot more features that I haven’t used yet.
  • Google Analytics For WordPress – Integrates GA and gives you control on what to track and what not to track.
  • Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer – If you’re an Amazon Affiliate, you won’t have to sign in your account and grab the your affiliate link.  Any outgoing Amazon link will automatically include your ID.

If you have any suggestions for plugins that every site would benefit from, feel free to let me know.

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