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Spigen Air Cushion Case

This was the second case I ended up buying. The Spigen Air Cushion clear case is probably the best case if you want to go clear. I thought that’s what I wanted but in the end I don’t think it looks good on my space gray iPhone. It does look good on the white and gold iPhone though.

The main difference between this and the Spigen soft­flex TPU case is that the back is a hard plastic. The sides are made of the TPU rubber material. I think since it has the hard back, the case is a little more snug than the soft­flex case. It is a hair thicker than it too but it’s not noticeable.

iPhone 6 Case Reviews

I wanted to provide some iPhone 6 case reviews because if I’m sure there are others that are look for the same things that I do.  After I pre-ordered my iPhone 6, I immediately started looking for a case. There are those that believe cases are an abomination and ruin the aesthetics of phone. I’m all for design but I also like to keep my things in good condition. Growing up, my dad ingrained in me the idea that you have to take good care of your belongings. I definitely do and it annoys my wife when I “lecture” her.


There are key things I look for when choosing a case. First, it has to be minimal/slim as possible. I can’t handle something like the Otterbox Defender case, they’re too bulky. I wouldn’t be able to put that in my pocket and I’m not about to wear a belt clip. If I do that, I’ll have officially turned in to my dad. The next step would be wearing a bluetooth headset all day long.

Second, it has to go all the way around covering not only the sides but the top and bottom.  There are a lot of slim cases that clip on but they don’t provide protection for the top and bottom edges of the phone.  I’ve seen my friends phones and a lot of them are banged up.  I just imagine a drop on the sidewalk and that’s enough for me.  I’m not particularly gentle with my phones either.  I would like to be able to throw it across the room on to my bed or a couch.  And sometimes it bounces off and falls on the floor or hits something else.

Third, it has to have a lip that extends slightly past the screen.  This allows me to put the phone face down without worrying about damaging the screen.  This should be more important than protecting the back actually.  I don’t really get why you’d get a case to protect the back and not the screen.

Fourth, it absolutely cannot have an Apple logo cutout on the back.  When I see these cases, I automatically assume that person is a douchebag.  I’m sorry, that’s just how it is.  Some of these people might not be as picky about cases and just picked one.  But if you purposely chose one because you wanted to show off the stupid apple, then you’re stupid.  I used to refrain from buying Apple products because a lot of fanboys are annoying sheep.  It’s just a phone people, why do you care what other people buy and use?

Then there are things like port and camera cutout size and button responsiveness.  Those aren’t vital but still important factors.  Next, I’ll go through the cases that I have hands-on experience with.  I got a little obsessive about this so there are a couple.

iPhone 6 or 6+?

If you’re interested in getting an iPhone 6 or 6+ you should check out this size comparison by PhoneArena.  It’ll show you side by side comparisons of other phones.  You have to calibrate your screen first, otherwise nothing seems out of the ordinary.  Once I did, I was pretty surprised to see how big the 6+ really is.  The 6+ is about 80% of my 13″ MacBook Pro’s screen height.  I don’t think I want to put that in my pants pocket.

iPhone 6 vs 6+

I’m already on board with the 6.  I’ve ordered some Tech Armor screen protectors.  Order it now and enter in the code “WORMBIRD” at checkout to get it for $4.99.  I’ve been using these on my phone, my wife’s, and my parents with great results.  They never bubble like the ones my friends have.

Now I have to find a case.  That’s always something I hate because I research the hell out of cases.  You can see how picky I am in my Spigen post.  That’s been a great case but the bumper/frame is kind of beat up now.  Good timing I suppose.