Spigen Linear Metal Crystal iPhone 5 Case

One of the reasons I switched from Android phones to my iPhone was the abysmal battery life.  I’m sure it’s better now but I don’t really want a phone the size of an TI-82 (or whatever number they’re up to now).

Another reason is that iPhones have pretty good resale value.  I just sold my iPhone 5 for $300 and bought a 5S for $400.  It also helps that I’m anal about keeping things in good condition.  I have kids that like to play with my phone, I need to have a case on it since they occasionally drop it or flat out throw it.  The little boy likes to chuck stuff.

I figured I’d get my wife the new white/champagne 5S because she has a lot of stuff with gold accents.  Most cases just cover up the design of the iPhone so I set out on a search for the best case*.  I think I found it.  The asterix is for best white/champagne iPhone 5S.  I’ll post about my case later.  I bought the Spigen Linear Metal Crystal case off Amazon and it came 2 days later.  I f’n love Prime.  The case is made of three parts, the clear backing plate, top half of the frame, and bottom.  The champagne color matches the phone perfectly.

It’s really easy to install, just slide the clear backing plate in to the top half of the frame, slide that over the top of the phone, and snap the bottom half on.  The fit is very snug so there is no play with it on at all.  The frame covers just enough of the face of the phone so that it leaves the glass completely uncovered.  That means that you can put on any screen protector you want and it won’t make the edges bubble.

I claimed that it’s the best case for the white/champagne iPhone, but it does have one drawback.  Since it’s all plastic, I’m not sure it could withstand a drop from waist high.  I don’t doubt it would keep the phone safe, but I would imagine that the frame would crack.  But if you know me, I’m a form over function guy most of the time and in this case I like it’s form.  If you have a black 5S or just want a different color, there are a few others.  I think the blue would look pretty slick on a black phone.

My Internet Marketing Endeavor: About Me

I know this is not a unique idea, but I wanted to write about my journey trying to finally get somewhere with internet marketing.  I figured if I write it down it will provide me with more accountability and motivation.  Maybe no one else will see this but hopefully it’ll help me.

I’ve dabbled in internet marketing off and on for years but I let my ADD get the best of me.  I consider myself to be a fast learner but if I don’t understand something within 5 minutes, there’s a good chance it’ll lose my attention.  I spend a lot of time on the internet.  So much in fact, that my wife reminds me almost every few weeks.  My mom also does this as well.

When I stumbled upon internet marketing and affiliate marketing, a light bulb went off in my head.  “Why shouldn’t I be making money too?”  You see those ads all over webpages claiming that you can make tons of cash.  I’ve always wanted to try to set up some campaigns to make some passive income.  If I could make a lot of money, that’d be awesome.  Sadly, that is not the case.  Years later, I am still at a 9-5 and not working remotely from a warm tropical island.

I’ve had tons of ideas pop in my head, run to Namecheap to register a domain, login to HostGator to throw up a WordPress site, then I wait.  I was tickled with the thought of all the money that is going to start pouring in.  I sit and wait but nothing happens.  I check my AdSense dashboard to see that I made 15 cents last week.   What the fuck?  What am I doing wrong?